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H and I chatted a lot the next day. I opened up to her about the issues W and I had (were having) with intimacy. She encouraged me to talk to him about it, for us to open up to each other. That it might be hard at first but it would get easier. I said I felt like I hadn't made W feel wanted in the past, but she pointed out that's it not all on me, that he has to talk to me about what he wants and needs.

Then H told me she had a wild dream the night before about having a threesome. She said she'd always wanted to try it but finding the third person was the hard part. I joked that I'd have to be really drunk to ever do that, and she said if we'd had more to drink the night before who knows what would have happened. She told me she'd often thought about having a threesome with her and two other which I replied, "Oh, I see..." She was like, "I hope you don't think I'm a bad person," and I told her I didn't think that at all. She admitted that she'd been thinking about herself, W and I the night before.

I was surprised but kind of flattered. It was sort of exciting talking about it, but in a hypothetical way. I was like, "Wow, do you think he'd ever go for that?" She said why not ask him, you'll never know unless you ask.

That night when W and I went to bed I decided it would be good for us to talk and open up to each other. We talked about our intimacy issues and really did open up a lot more than we ever had in the past. We got on the topic of spicing things up in the bedroom, so I asked him if he had any ideas. He suggested buying some toys, which I thought could be fun. Then I asked him if he had any fantasies that he'd never shared with me. He hemmed and hawed for a while, then I told him he could tell me anything...I might not be into it but I wouldn't judge him.

Finally, he says he'd always fantasized about being with me and another girl, and seeing me with another girl. I was sort of surprised but only because that was exactly what H and I had been talking about earlier in the day. I asked him if he'd ever pictured that happening with anyone in particular and he said no. I kept pressing him and finally he admitted that H and I had looked good together the night before.
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