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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Could just ask him what he needs (if he knows it at this time) and let him know you are around if he needs to vent only or needs to vent and wants your feedback.

If you don't know how to be there for him? Could ask him. Platinum rule him -- treat him how he wants to be treated.

Could apply some "I see you are upset. There, there. I see you hurting. How can I best help? Do I give you space? Do I give you hugs? What's your preference here? I care for you but I don't know how you want to be treated." for initial first aid.
Great examples of taking care of her relationship with him.

Just like my partners pet projects, work, friends, and hobbies, how she runs her life is not my business. Granted sometimes her life effects our relationship which is something we deal with as it comes up, BUT that still doesn't mean I have any say (nor should I) in her business. My agonizing over how she tends to her business would only serve to irritate me which would impact our relationship negatively.
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