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It turns out H had bought a house just a few streets away from ours in a neighboring subdivision. She had young children as well. I found myself thinking we could be really great friends...maybe our families could get together and the kids could play with each other. After dinner that night, we chatted on FB quite a bit and arranged to meet for a quick drink after she got off work. We met at a bar&grill and had a couple of beers. H and I seemed to just click...I'm a little more reserved, an introvert and a homebody, but H came off as very confident, outgoing and forward. As we chatted, we got into the subject of "romance parties"...basically a Tupperware party but for adult toys, etc. I told H I'd never been to an adult store and she asked if I wanted to go with her that weekend, and I thought, "sure, why not?"

We went to the store and browsed around...I think H got a kick out of my reaction to some of the more "out there" products. I think the atmosphere made it easier for us to open up and we started talking about more personal things..I shared that I had always felt a bit self-conscious and prudish about sex and H said she'd like to help me come out of my shell. She told me how her best girl friends had sort of done that for her years ago and she'd never looked back. She told me that she'd always fantasized about having a threesome, and my reaction was, "hey, good for you, no judgment here."

We continued to chat on FB throughout the next week and she asked if I wanted to come over Saturday night to hang out. Her husband was going to be gone and she thought it would be fun to lounge around in sweats and talk. We had a great time...a few drinks, girl talk. W texted me at one point asking if we were having fun and said he was bored at home. We had family visiting and the kids were in bed, so H suggested that he come over for a bit. I wondered if it would be weird or awkward for them to be around each other with me there, after everything that had happened, but he came over and we talked and laughed. Around 11pm H said her husband would be home soon and she had to clean up so he wouldn't know she had people over. I wondered what that was all about, but I didn't ask. W and I went home.

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