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This is actually a topic that fascinates me. I tend to quiz my partners on their break-ups because it is something that I have never experienced. I don't "fall in love" easily, I have never fallen out of love, I am still with all (both) people that I have ever loved.
hi jane thanks for replying. after a long time after we broke up I still loves B, I haven't seen him or spoke to him, I feel like I may still love him but he has hurt me to much to be in love and care for him, if that makes sense? I clearly still love J despite everything but she doesn't me.

It seems to me (in all of my quizzing) that the answers are:
a.) it wasn't really "love" in the first place - it was something else ("infatuation" maybe...or "the path of least resistance"..or "regular sex"?)
b.) someone was "in love" with who they thought someone was...then it turned out that they weren't actually the person that they thought they were (the NRE wore off maybe?)
c.) they were actually "in love" with the person (and, in all likelihood, still are) BUT the relationship was NOT compatible for other reasons - so they have talked themselves "out of love" as a way of dealing with their grief.
d.) they were "in love" with the person, they still DO "love" that person, BUT a relationship is not possible for some reason - they haven't fallen "out of love" but they have fallen "out of a relationship"
this is the thing I am unclear about, why would you hurt someone so much if you loved them, maybe she did love me but she was in NRE with G and not me, she did say she doesn't love me because I am to much like her and she can't handle me emotionally.


PS. If someone else is interested in this topic, feel free to start a new thread...I would "love" to read people's responses.[/QUOTE]
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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