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Originally Posted by Gulfstream View Post
I guess when you're in a mono relationship with a woman that falls head over heels for you, and everything seems just right, but after a while you sense a void - that's when you should realize that you might have to re-visits your approach to traditional interpersonal relationship structures.
Or, that's when you could realize that you have issues within the relationship that need to be dealt with; or that the person is not an ideal match.

I never feel it as a void myself, but everyone approaches life differently.

In my world, feeling a void in a relationship means there's something missing specifically in that relationship; not that I need to go meet new people. Just like, when I was single, feeling a void meant I need to fix something within myself, not fill it with a person.

I can only form healthy relationships with other people when my existing relationship(s) are healthy and free of voids. Otherwise, I feel like I'm avoiding (lol) the real issues. It's escapism, distraction.
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