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Default My polyfamily makes me a better person

It's embarrassing to talk about your feelings, so I am only able to do so after a few drinks sometimes. Human frailty, eh? But that's how it is...and I've come to accept it.

I love my polyfamily. I'm part of a quad that makes me at the same time unbelievably happy and incredibly scared. My wife makes me a better person. My girlfriend makes me realize that I'm amazing every step of the way. My brother-husband makes me realize that I can be a better man, a better husband, a better father. I can't imagine living without any of them.

I'm scared because it might go away. I'm scared because the rest of the world is baffled by what I've found and fears anything different from what they're used to. I'm scared because at some point we'll have to admit who we are and what we are and not everyone will accept it. I'm scared we won't survive that day.

When I'm sad in the middle of the night, I think about my partners. I know they love me, and I know that they accept me...perhaps not all at once, but each of them accept part of me. Those parts make a whole, and without them I'm not sure I'm really a whole person. If one of them has difficulty with me, I know others will pick up the slack...and probably help me to understand what I'm missing or what I can do to be better. And when we're all happy together, snuggling on the couch or seeing a movie or attending a musical show...there's nothing better in the world. I love my polyfamily.

I hope others here are finding this sort of happiness in their poly relationships. I hope that everyone in the world eventually realizes what they can find in this kind of arrangement. I hope that I'll never have to be without my family. I hope that I'm not being too goofy and stupid and emotional for this forum :-)

Very happy to be here, and very happy that I can say what I want to say.

- animo
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