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I'm really glad you started this thread, LR.

I am quite uneasy about the comments on FOL's thread also. I read the rules for blogs very carefully before starting my own blog - which has lots of stuff in it that is nothing to do with polyamory. I write more about dogs than I do about poly.

I particularly write just now about grief and grieving and my attempts to cope with the changes in my life. Very often too I write about the positives in my new situation - because I find it helpful to write them down and focus on them. Helps with the times when the sadness is overwhelming.

The rules for blogs were clear that it would be okay to write about my own life in there and so I do.

If that rule has changed, a more appropriate way of dealing with it would be to post a comment on one of the other boards advising everybody that the rules for posting have changed and that they should look to see what the new rules are.

A person in power such as a forum mod going onto the blog of somebody who is going through a major life change and starting a post with the words. "I guess I have to bring the bucket of cold water now" is just not appropriate.

Life changes such as the one that FOL is going through are not easy. Anybody dealing with that sort of stuff should receive help, support and be able to talk about the positives. The title of the forum should not matter - regardless of title, people should be treated with care and respect.