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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Ya know, I'm getting really tired of this sort of snark. I think I'm going to begin pulling the trigger when it appears.
Perhaps "pulling the trigger" refers to giving infractions? I assumed it meant banning said poster, which would not be in line with the User Guidelines since it does not seem to violate either the Adult Language parameters nor does it seem to be an egregiously off-topic post. It's snarky, much like the one it was replying to, so the response seems rather over-the-top. If my assumption was incorrect then I would like clarification.
Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
And trying to argue mod decisions in threads is also a no go.
And then we have this, as well as the User Guidelines saying
Moderators will not be involved in public threads discussing infractions assigned, and any such threads will be removed as being off-topic.
we have no "appeals process" for mod decisions; we may reconsider if offered something that we may not have considered prior, though we're unlikely to revisit most decisions.
So you're left with a situation where those who speak up publicly are silenced, one way or another. By AT's logic regarding staying on the topic of polyamory this whole thread could be removed any minute for being off-topic. The only avenue is PMs, which while great for privacy do nothing for transparency, and personally I am distrustful of such a set-up. I hope I'm wrong.
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