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It's also not ""

Life stories and blogs
Share your stories and blog about your current life situations, inspiring others

Life stories and blogs
Share your stories and blog about your current polyamorous situations, inspiring others
Perhaps the problem is that her monogamous relationship does not inspire others? Well, hers wouldn't be the first blog to fail that criterion. There's no shortage of uninspiring blogs, should they all be closed?

FOL has previously identified as polyamorous, in terms of who she is. Her current identity crisis does not erase that.

Any polaymorous person struggling to maintain their sanity in a mono relationship is going to go through some serious challenges. There will be other visitors in the future who will identify as polyamorous but be "stuck" in a monogamous relationship because their partner is not willing to budge on their vows, and they are not willing to leave that partner for the sake of their inner feelings. FOL's insight on her process of learning to cope with that situation will be valuable to those people. Hence, 100% relevant to the topic of "polyamory" in general.

No one "owns" this forum. Moderators are here to keep the peace and enforce policy. Silencing someone's voice is not keeping the peace. Silencing someone's voice when other people are interested in hearing what she has to say is doubly wrong. As the policy is written, posts belong in the appropriate board. "About my new monogamous life" is a topic about...uhm...her life. Ergo, her "Life Story" if you will.

The bottom line, as far as I'm concerned, is that her blog is her safe place. No one has to read it. The text takes up only a few bytes of memory -- far fewer bytes than some of the crappier threads on here that are "about polyamory." The fact that her experiences could be useful to other poly people going through a similar situation makes it not merely permissible, but fully relevant to "polyamory."

A discussion such as FOL's blog is open to interpretation, and as such no one person's word should be law. If it has no relevance to you, then don't read it... just like anyone else who didn't give a flying fuck about FOL's monogamous marriage. I'm glad LR opened this thread so I could wax philosophically, because I never would have noticed it otherwise...

FTR and IMO, no one has said anything in this thread that I feel merits banning, unless "don't criticize me" is an appropriate reason to ban someone. However, I've been assured by AT, in the past, that hurting his feelings does not even merit an infraction, provided the language is respectful. He's an adult and he can handle reasonable criticism like a grown-up. Anyone who can't has no business being a moderator. The worst fate this thread deserves is being moved to the Forum Guidelines board.
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