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Default Guidelines & Boundaries vs. Rules: Merged Threads, General Discussion

Hi there, I just wanted to ask a general question about the rules and boundaries that you have agreed with your partner/spouse/lovers that allows you all to function healthily within a poly lifestyle please?

The last time me and my husband thought we were ok within our rules I broke one in a very stupid mistake, which I definitely don't intend to repeat!

At that time the rules were (due to our careers and having a young son) we remain sacred and primary, no over night stays, no unprotected sex, no-one in our bed, no involvement with our son and being discrete (hope I haven't forgotten any) but those were the main ones.

Having spent a few days reading through many of the posts on here, many of you are much more open/involved than this, sharing beds, families etc etc...I take my hat off to you :-) the love, compassion, integrity and humility shine through your posts.

I just wondered if any of you have similar rules, but have amended them when they were put into practice? Or have any opinions on the rules we outlined? I would like to learn :-)...

Many thanks
moon xx
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