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In some ways I feel like there are so many valuable points of view to be offered that aren't. That many people lurk on here, and don't tell their stories, for a wide variety of reasons, and that their stories hold a great deal of untapped value and insight for others. I have read multiple postings about people considering going back to monogamy, and even in my own blog, covered a span of several months when Elemental and I stepped away from poly to work on our core relationship.

It concerns me that my blog is open to a moderator shutting me down because of a change in my lifestyle. I have gone through long spells of monogamy in my life because partners weren't comfortable with non-monogamy/poly/being queer/whatever you want to call it. That doesn't mean that my philosophies on relationships changed, mind you. Just that my external lifestyle did, for awhile anyhow

Not all tentative journeys into poly end in long term poly. Heck, FOL lived full poly for twelve years, and has now stepped back into monogamy. This is her story, and I'm sad that she can't be free to post what she feels, thinks, and experiences as she exits from a long-term life commitment to more than one person. Both her posts, and Matt's posts were so interesting, well written and informative.

I have, to date, felt very comfortable sharing some of the most private details of my life and relationship with a community that I have always taken for granted that I am a member of, because I felt like I belonged, and because people have chosen to include me - I feel like I have true friends on this board, and some have even crossed over into the 'real world' to boot. To be honest, I didn't even know that mods had the right to silence posters... feeling a little ignorant over here and more than a little taken aback. It's certainly food for thought, and makes me wonder if I want to keep posting on a forum where I too could be silenced like that.