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So, I went to the play event that I have been gearing up for for some time. I went as a school mistress/riding instructor... it depended on who I was talking to One guy told me he was looking for someone to ride him and was all starry eyed looking at me.. made me wonder about that whole aspect. I will have to look into that whole culture more.

There was a young woman there dressed as a cat with stilletto leopard print shoes and booby socks with white fur around them. She wore white tights and garter belt and a little skirt of the same leopard print. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her legs!!! It made me almost cum looking at them...! She got tied up and suspended with those on and nothing else. She was very round and robust and I drooled like a child looking through a candy store window. I would loved to of run my tongue along those round legs.... I'm so dirty minded.... heh

So I played with Mono on a rack where it pulled his arms tighter by turning a gear. The chains were clangy and it was cold metal. He said he could not move one bit, which was a real thrill. I looked over to my friends at one point and they were all watching... I got all shy for a second and had to turn away.

I played with a friend for the first time. We had met earlier in the week to sort out boundaries and discuss what she and I like. I bound her to a spanking bench and chained up her vagina so that when I pulled on the chain it pulled nicely on the flesh between her legs. I was thrilled It worked out very well and she wrote me this morning to tell me she had really enjoyed herself. I was thrilled as this is what it is all about for me... my pleasure comes from my subs pleasure. I was a little worried ahead of time that our communication during the scene would not be strong enough, but once in it, it was very fluid and easy, comfortable. I hope she wants to play again.

I gave Mono a good beating on a ladder A frame by the end of the night. I completely bound him too it so that he couldn't move and whipped him with a cat of nine tails. I gave it all I had but he wanted more. I think I need more tools to play with as the ones I have only give as much as they can. Even if I give it my all, there is a limit to what they can do.

I have so much confidence now. All my apprehension earlier in this thread is gone. I have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do, but am thoroughly enjoying the process.

It was difficult to watch my tersiary beating the shit out of his new sub who he introduced me to last night. It was hard to watch and know that we are not playing right now. I was sad and emotional and I didn't watch most of the night. I forced myself to watch by the end and really took in what they have together. I am glad I did, because she is very different from me and I could see that she and he have a relationship that is different than mine with him. I bring other things to the table and I just have to be patient. He waited for me to say goodbye, which I thought was a good sign. I let him come to me all night and gave him a big hug and told him I love him. It was hard, but we will be okay.
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