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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
So when AT said: I feel he is only partially correct. I would agree for General Poly Discussion, Poly Relationships Corner, Spirituality and Polyamory, Press and Media Coverage, and Articles, but I would disagree for Introductions and Life Stories and Blogs. Those, as I understand it from reading the User Guidelines, are for people who have been exposed to poly at some point, whether they are currently practicing it, trying to learn more about the idea, or experienced it in the past. That will often include discussion of poly, but not always. People who practice poly have more to their lives than their relationships.

In this case I feel as though AT overstepped his mod powers by telling a user what the parameters of their blog needed to be. I also feel BG did not respect the "protected space" rule regarding blogs.
When AT first proffered a bucket of cold water to FOL's blog thread, I very nearly wrote a brief reply. In fact, I started to draft a reply, then thought better of intervening in what even then portended to be something of a shit-storm . . . if you'll pardon the expression.

What I was thinking to write - with all due respect for the prerogative of the mods, of course - is simply that it might be worth leaving some latitude in what we think of as "discussing poly".

The experiences and struggles of someone going through a transition away from poly and toward monogamy may well be of interest to people who are considering the transition in the other direction, or who are struggling with being poly, or even who are doing well with poly but who are curious about the whole range of possible relationship configurations.

For anyone who may be eyeing the door that leads to monogamy - and I've been known to eye the door, from time to time - updates from someone who has just gone through that door, along with reflections on the transition, may be quite valuable.

There are pitfalls in that direction, too, for all that FOL seems quite confident in her choice, for the moment.

For those who have no interest in the tales of such a transition, there are plenty of other threads and boards to read.

More broadly, it is at least worth thinking about how prescriptive the participants in this board want to be about what it means to "be poly" or "discuss poly". Given the diversity here - with at best a family resemblance among different styles and configurations and sets of expectations - we already have to leave a lot of latitude.

Whether to draw the line across FOL's blog is at least a point on which there may be reasonable disagreement, with no disrespect intended to the mods.

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