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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Polyamory is much, much more than just threesomes and hookups. The "amor" part of the word should tell you that. Many poly people never even have threesomes or casual sex - they prefer commitments and tenderness. For example, I practice poly but I am straight and not interested in threesomes unless it's with two guys I love and care about - I don't want strangers, ewww!

So... wtf has he been telling you poly is? Than you have to have threesomes with him and other chicks for him to stay faithful? No wonder you feel like shit.

Sounds like a rather yucky situation. You seem to want loving caring connections (poly) and he wants swinging or random anonymous sex. Time to talk and talk and talk some more, and possibly in therapy, to sort it out before trying to find another hook-up. If he has a fit, so what? He needs to grow up. It's your body, you have a choice. He isn't the boss of you!
I agree with nycindie.

Too me polyamory is about having loving romantic relationships with more than one person. Not sex with random strangers or acquaintances.
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