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Originally Posted by punksquid12 View Post
My husband and I have been together for 3 years. Were very happy together and you won't meet another couple who's as crazy about each other as we are. We've been poly since we've been together. It's only ever been with girls and there's never been emotion attached or any dating of the other girls..
Lately I've been pretty done with the hookups myself. I don't enjoy them. They actually are starting to make me depressed. I don't feel good about myself anymore (ie I feel ugly, not needed, the only person there not having fun). I'm afraid my husband will be angry if I tell him I don't want to do this stuff anymore. Whenever we set up a date and I tell him I'm not feeling it and want to cancel it usually ends up in a fight or him just pissed off that we wasted our time talking and getting to know someone only to have me cancel. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. It severly depresses me
So I'd say you guys aren't really happy, you sure arent. Not a single thing you wrote sounds like you are enjoying any aspect of the non-mongamy you currently have going on.

FYI not too many people would say that you are poly, as poly tends to mean you ARE at least open to having emotions for or dating other people, so you might find greater amounts of useful advice on the reddit site for nonmongamy where more people are in a situation closer to yours, so I suggest checking it out it you don't get what you are looking for here.

You should be clear and upfront about how you feel, so you don't fight after the fact and have him feel like he "wasted his time" There seems to me to be a lot of problems in a relationship where you worry that being honest about your feelings is going to lead to an angry and pissed off partner, and hashing this out sooner is better.
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