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Unhappy normal life rant

I took the dogs out for a walk today and let them roam around for a bit on their own. I noticed all the broken glass that winter had left us around the farm and started cleaning that up. Little things like that, preserving the safety of my home makes me happy. Then, as we were wandering through the fields I noticed more golf balls laying between the planted rows. Now a bit if history: Where I live used to just be farm land, older homes, close friends, family and farmers. There are a few horse farms and I think my property is the only one that functions as a crop farm for the surrounding 10 miles or so. About 10 years back, the developers came in and started building houses. My child brain was angry that my open space was being taken away. I sabotaged what I could, painting harmless occult symbols on the support beams and main joists in the unfinished houses, left large rocks in the cement, moved tool left behind and was just an overall mischievous pest. Much to my dismay, that didnt seem to deter the workers or anyone else for that matter. When the houses were finished, and school had started again, I met the kids that lived in the new houses. They were snobby and rude, acted like I was the outcast when in my head it was they who ruined my peace. Turns out their families arent much better. When I moved back from NC with my husband, we had a German Shepherd and a Boston Terrier as pets. We kept them outside so the cats that were already present would not die of heart attacks! Again, we live on a farm. There are deer. My Shepherd barks at things, especially the deer. She was barking one night about 9:30, nothing too late and eventually stops and settles in for sleep. The next day, we have the police at our house telling us that we were called in for a noise ordinance. Noise ordinance? What is that? Apparently my dog was keeping some one's children away in the big houses. They didnt call us, come down to our house which is visible and very literally in walking distance from them, wait a day or so to try to speak to us. No, they just called the cops. Well Im sorry, but she is a dog and if she can keep us from loosing our crop from the deer, good for her. You moved here, next to a farm and now your complaining about noise? What are you going to do during plow and harvest season?! sigh so that went on into summer and eventually we were called into court, still no actual contact with the people in the houses. Nothing formal or informal, no face to face, no phone calls, just the authorities. Finally we were ordered to keep our dogs inside. Ok fine.

Now whenever I go for a walk, I find golf balls in the field. Karma has gone on hunts with me to collect these balls from the rows of crop and throw them back into our "neighbors" yards. I know its them. This never happened before they came here. I dont know which house, but I dont care. I swear if those damned balls break our equipment, BOTH of their houses will be getting the exact same bill. We have spoken to them, while they were in their back yards about this. As a ritual, and for safety my family goes through the dirt before planting and preens the soil of really big rocks that have shown up.. and golf balls. Now I can understand that their entire income goes into paying of their monster houses and new cars, college loans and who knows how many vacations, but my family does not have that luxury. We work, and have our farm. Im angry at why anyone would think its an ok thing to chuck their shit onto another persons land, obviously worked land, farm land, for growing things. I mean anything, not just the damn balls, but bags, compost (which I dont mind so much because it will break down and is good for the soil), cigarette butts, trash. Maybe its payback, but nothing I have done towards them would have harmed them. These tiny things can destroy our equipment, our livelihood, our lives. I just dont see the allure in it...
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