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midnightsun: "The studies that were done were small-scale and were done on a group of kids ages 3-8."

First link: "children ages 3 and 8/9"

Second link: "153 3-year-old and 144 8/9-year-old children"

Third link: "children aged 48 years who were diagnosed with ADHD"
"relapse of ADHD symptoms occurred in 19 of 30 (63%) children"

The blog seems to be using all these figures from the links you shared.

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, children are not good for testing of hyperactivity or ADHD in general. Children are generally naturally hyperactive. Eventually growing out of it between puberty.

I would personally be open to links to studies on adults. But all I can find, searching E numbers and hyperactivity, are just more studies on children. Even adding specifically in my search, that I want studies on adults, the studies for children come up, with other links to ADHD [that have no mention of E numbers].

If, however, you have something that is relevant to ADHD as a whole, and not only to hyperactivity [unless the hyperactivity is of that in people with ADHD] [as hyperactivity itself does not mean you have ADHD], it is very welcome in the thread.
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