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I would ask him if that was just sex play for the bedroom or if he actually really expects you to be "only his" for 24/7. In reality, you only belong to you, and if you want other partners, his idea that you belong to him is farfetched and a misplaced demand. Don't put up with being dominated and treated roughly if it is not done in the way you want. What he did sounds invasive and presumptuous to me. If any sex partners of mine wants to play it rough, or get me to be a little submissive, they usually ask first and see what I'm comfortable with before actually going for it. It's supposed to be safe and consensual, with agreed-upon limits beforehand, not forced on you.

Honey, you shouldn't be that desperate for sex to just let any guy do whatever the hell he wants with you!

I didn't have sex with my husband for over three years and wanted it very, very, VERY badly when we split up -- but when I started dating, I knew I was still in charge of who does what and how! D/s is supposed to be for the sub's benefit, and it doesn't sound like you benefited at all. He does not seem like someone who would be healthy, sane, respectful, or safe for you to get involved with! And your posts about it make you sound like a deer caught in the headlights - you better snap out of it fast or you'll get run over!
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