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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
You've handled all of this with super human levels of patience......the degree to which you two can be intimate seems to be determined by her at this point. .
This is exactly what I told her, and I think that's helped. She apologized for "emotionally vomiting" all over me with her reaction.

I am slowly talking to LT more often, and I let her ask about MD, or if she asks what I did over the weekend and MD was part of it, I tell her. So far, she's good with that. No more "poly-horror" stories, which is good.

I really think her reaction upset MD more than it did me. I have a lot of history with LT, she's like a sister. MD has met her only once, so she has no tolerance for her. I didn't tell MD everything that LT said, but she knew enough about how upset I was to be angry with LT. I almost wish I hadn't told MD because I don't know that they'll ever have a relationship which saddens me.
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