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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
So he sees you as "his territory"? You're ok with that? Is there a D/s dynamic to your relationship with him? It won't "kill" you to be sore, but do you WANT to be sore? Some people do like being sore after sex because it reminds them of the great sex they had. But it doesn't sound like you really enjoyed yourself. It sounds like you're tolerating this treatment but would rather have it done another way.
He seems like his is claiming his territory by placing me on the corner of the bed, forgoing fellatio, me riding him. Then once I am on the bed he started pounding and saying this pussy is my pussy no one else's. Tell me baby this is my pussy. "this pussy is yours daddy". Tell me this pussy is only mine. "this pussy is only yours daddy"

We have a shared sensual Dom/Domme relationship. We switch sprinkled with small amounts of pain. Mostly sensual bondage with toys for each of us.
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