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Question When a Man Wants Me to be my ONLY sexual Mate

I am in a DADT with husband who no longer wants sex and I have been upfront about having 2 mates from the beginning but had not followed through with sex with both mates. Another man would only have sex with me once every 2 months so I sought after someone who would fill in those gaps. All was great and my first mate just kind of faded into the background.

My second sexual mate has been with me for 4 months and mostly sees me once a week when he is in town on for business. When I had sex with the first mate over spring break my second mate is feeling slightly jealous and possessive. Here is what happen when I did meet with my second mate during sex.
It seems as if he is claiming his territory. Almost immediately he told me to lay down. He told me he was going to show me what it was like to be wanted. Almost no prep, no foreplay, no fellatio. I He put me on the corner of the mattress entered and started pounding. He asked if I was okay, I'm sure I was wincing or he would not have said anything. I said yes, I just need a little time to get used to you. He started saying this pussy is my pussy no one else's. Tell me baby this is my pussy. I said "It's your pussy Daddy" He said tell me it is my pussy only. Say it. "It is your pussy only daddy." No one else's? "No daddy it is no one else's, only yours" Then he said do I take good care of your pussy? "yes daddy you do" Well then don't share my pussy with anyone else. "okay daddy, it's all yours."
Then later that night I told him. You were claiming your territory by making me say it was your pussy. He said yes, I did it when you were very vulnerable state.

How do I regain the freedom to still have a sexual relationship with others and as little hurt as possible. What would my dialogue look like with this man?
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