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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
It sounds like she never loved you in the first place. You said she admitted she pretended to be interested in you so she could fuck your boyfriend. There is no such thing as "doesn't love me anymore" in this case. Forget about her. Love yourself.

hi, thanks for replying, I have said this to G and my bf A, G says she loved me and A doesn't understand someone can fall out of love with someone unless they didn't love them in the first place.

I am trying very hard to forgot her but I can't, she texts him everyday, they talk about deep stuff, which she won't do with me, she is all we fight about, I am just waiting for the day where she message him and tell him they will get back together despite her saying she doesn't want a relationship with him or me ( which she said to me) might be a lie and she said something different to him.

I suggested cutting them out but G won't.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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