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BG -- what if she IS trying to manage her relationship? Her relationship to HIM and tending to her partner while he is hurting? And she doesn't know how to do that while also managing her own upset? She could do what then?

I saw him choosing an incompatible partner.. very clearly and it upset me.. Is it because I have too?
That only you can answer. WHY you felt anxious/nervous about weathering this journey with him.

I was anticipating and anxious about seeing new aspects of my partner that I hadn't seen before.
Regardless of the why's... you DID feel anticipating and anxious and all that. This is new territory for both. Flying without a map.

It's normal to feel weird when treading into the unknown. Now here's this new development. Upset partner.

For five weeks he has been telling me that this is so worth exploring.. I really want to get to know her. This feels special. Then today he tells me that he knew it was doomed BEFORE i met her, BEFORE they had sex, and BEFORE she agreed to "try it".
He just broke up with someone he thought was a runner. So he's experiencing the high emotions of breaking up and the subsequent emotions of loss.

I'd suggest not taking what he says too literally as he processes the stages of grief for his loss. Listen to the feelings behind the words.

His mouth may say " I knew it! I knew it was gonna be bad!" when he could be meaning "I am disappointed! I am upset! I don't like feeling that! I want to shoo yucky feelings away from me!" so his words come out as they do.

Could just ask him what he needs (if he knows it at this time) and let him know you are around if he needs to vent only or needs to vent and wants your feedback.

Could not take his grief personally.

I find a lot of people mix up their "thinking" and "feeling" words a lot.
(I'm tired right now... not sure I'm stating the best examples to convey this idea but I'll try...)

They say "I think" when the more accurate thing to say is "I feel."

"I think I am hungry." No. You FEEL tummy growls happening and that indicates hunger.
"I think I'm not gonna like going to this party" No. You feel nervous about attending this party.

and then they also do it the other way. "I feel" when really the more accurate is "I think..."

"I feel like you forget the trash on purpose to drive me crazy." No. I feel annoyed when I see the trash not taken out. I think you are not a person of your word when you promise me to do it and then later I see it undone.

"I feel fat!" No. You feel upset because you think you want to look a certain way and you do not see yourself looking that way. Unless you are cuddling butter or olive oil or something... you do not FEEL fat.

Again... could not expect accuracy of words from a mourning person. Shoot, people NOT having high emotion have a hard time keeping the "thinks" and "feels" vocab straight.

Listen for the feelings behind the words when he's suffering -- and right now the feeling is "I am upset! Why this? Why me?" there. You can't do his process for him. All you can do is the ministry of presence and BE THERE for him as he does it.

If you don't know how to be there for him? Could ask him. Platinum rule him -- treat him how he wants to be treated.

Could apply some "I see you are upset. There, there. I see you hurting. How can I best help? Do I give you space? Do I give you hugs? What's your preference here? I care for you but I don't know how you want to be treated." for initial first aid.

Maybe that could help?


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