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I remembered after I posted the time that my husband (Nerdist) was dating a younger woman. He is 33 and very mature... always has been, much more than me who is 7 years older. He's wise beyond his years I should say. It fits him better. Anyway he fell head over heels for a 25 year old. He tends to fall head over heels when he is in love rather than work toward it slowly. He's either in love or not. Where as I fall in love easily and deeply, but not blindly, if that makes sense.

So she is 15 years younger than me and just starting her relationship life in terms of finding life partners. I was very threatened by this as I was reaching an age milestone and feeling my age in terms of realizing I am middle aged! ahhh! How'd that happen? Not to mention she is cute, perky, has nice tit's, smooth wrinkleless skin. All those things I used to be...

I felt just as you did Krazykitty in your first post. I can completely empathize. It reminded me reading it that I can bring different things to the table than anyone else. I am completely unique and worthy of love just as I am. It turned out that he thought she was far to immature relationship wise and decided to stick to me for now. He told me it would be hard to find a woman that even comes close to the standard he has put me in... this made me feel very special. We talked at the time about the importance of reminding each other what our worth is in situations like that and how just saying that we are special, loved, cherished, all those good things that make us feel connected and makes a huge difference.
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