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Originally Posted by raingirl31 View Post
I've read a LOT about poly for years, but the stumbling block we have right now is...we are doing fertility treatments (part of why our relationship is on the rocks - infertility can kill any relationship). The rules for clinics where we live is that we have to be in a strict mono relationship and we have to sign agreements that we are, just because they are working with our bodily fluids and for infectious disease control reasons, etc. I totally understand and respect this, since it's a delicate situation dealing with embryos and such, especially since the lab works with other couples...materials, we don't want to jeopardize the safety of anything for anyone. I mean, we would be 100% safe but still...can't risk it considering we signed agreements.
What, do they cross-contaminate samples and smear your fluids all over their bare hands? That's a ridiculous policy from a biohazard perspective. If their fluid handling techniques are so lax that they might get your HIV on someone else's embryo, what's to stop your eggs from being fertilized by someone else's sperm? To me, that just sounds like them having a thing against non-monogamy, and using their position to try and control patients. Gross.

The fact that it's a government policy is even worse. Legislated bigotry... Lovely!
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