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hey gala. doing much better today. new guy came over for dinner and gaming last night. we are going on a trip this weekend. just the three of us. one hotel room and tons of game time.

i have been thinking over what you've said. it helps a lot. just knowing that i am not alone. ng and i were texting and he said something funny but gross. i replied that he "ruined my crush". he didn't respond for a while. i freaked out and thought that i had scared him away. i was actually just being funny. later that night when he came over for dinner he was in a great mood.

we ate and went over our plans for the weekend. he didn't seem uncomfy or anything. i was relieved. i thought i scared him. i think it actually made him more comfortable. he joked that he now lived with hubby and i.

i am still just going to continue on with out making a big deal of things. it is clear that he wants to be around us and he likes our company. right now that is all i could ask for.

it helps that my husband knows how i feel. a few nights ago i had a serious chat with hubby. i told him how much new guy means to me and also to us both. he agreed. my husband has come a long way. when we first met it was "a gf for me is great but a bf for you will never happen". now he is aware of how this is not good for our relatinship. as long as we remember why we married in the first place we will be good. he is starting to trust new guy more and more.

hey gala, are you a mod for this site?
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