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Greetings animo,
Welcome to our forum.

I find that in each poly configuration, each person added means more challenges and more rewards. So you deserve kudos for hanging in there through the complex difficulties, long enough so that you can enjoy the rewards now. Most often I find a V or triad (poly units of three people) is the most a poly family can typically handle. My poly unit is a case in point, we are an MFM V. And we had some rough years in the beginning too. Luckily things are a lot smoother now.

I'm glad you're onboard with us, and I'm sure you'll be able to give and receive much via reading and posting, and with your experience gained and any extra help you may need getting through new snags.

Have a look around on our various threads and boards; see what calls to you. It is great that you could join us!

Kevin T.
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