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Originally Posted by crisplove View Post
We did have a conversation last weekend where I told him again that I wouldn't live like this forever. At some point things will need to change. I am of the mind that we can all explore this together. As long as we can keep up with the evolution we will be fine together. It that's not the case, we can go our separate ways.

I've worked deliberately to be in integrity with myself. I need to be in integrity here as well.
Those are both very good attitudes to have. You can't predict the future, let alone control it, so I always prefer to live in the moment. And integrity is always a good thing!

Originally Posted by crisplove View Post
We had a chat. We are taking it as it comes. I've already told my best friend. I needed to have someone to talk to. I'm going to a music festival this weekend where I'll probably mention it to the friends that'll be there. I feel as though I first need to chat with them about my thoughts on relationships.
That's a good start.

I'm relatively new to the area. My friendships are now forming. They are more social circle friends. There is so much of myself that I already don't share with them. I've mentioned it in conversation, but they're really not interested in deep conversations about certain aspects of my life. This might be one of them. In fact, we don't really have deep conversations. It's really about what's happening this weekend, but these are the people that will see us out and about with different people.
Yup, I've been there... those "little more than acquaintances" friends... They'll hang out with you, go to concerts or shopping with you, but mysteriously missing when you need a shoulder to cry on. But, at least it's a start. It's important to be social, and that's how you'll meet other people. Eventually, someone(s) will "click" and things will go from there.

On one hand, I'm beginning to not care what they think at all. On the other hand, I feel like it's a matter of principle.
I see a big difference between "not lying" and "telling everybody everything." Having a private life is not inconsistent with being honest and having principles. And if they aren't going to "care" one way or another, sometimes it's easier to just let people think whatever they want. I mean really, they're going to think whatever they want anyway, so why force the issue?

For me, if it comes up it comes up. I never go out and make a big show of telling someone that I'm poly. If they're curious, they'll ask. I wouldn't worry about it unless they start spreading false rumours.
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