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Well that was a whiny little post. Forgive, please, got a lot going on.

The past few weeks have been nutty. Note to self: DO NOT TAKE IN ANY MORE STRAYS. Nightmare.

I have expressed my feelings about feeling not able to have the emotional, physical, mental or anything energy to date aside from ___ to him. And we talked about it a bit. And since thing have settled down a bit in my care giving for what feels like a million people, I am thinking about trying.

THINKING about. But feeling less resentful about not having the energy to even consider it. Still have waaaaaaay too much going on in the upcoming 2 months to spend much on it. But it is nice to think about and there is this cute young thing who has been texting me for a a good many months who I know I will meet in May. He is VERY young though. And young is not really my thing. Anyone I could have given birth to is an automatic NO, and he is on the cusp. But we will see where it goes.

I really need to spend more time on me. I hate being selfish like that, but if I can not take care of myself how can I be good to anyone else?

Things are progressing nicely with __. The past month has been pretty intense on a lot of levels with us. I am just trying to see how things go. This long distance thing is pretty sucky. It has gotten to the point where I would really like to spend more than 1 night or weekend a month with him. But right now, not going to happen. Soon, yes, but not now.

Oh well, anyway.
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