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Thank you! and yes sometimes i do feel like im baby sitting. not so much BF because he does have a mind of his own and he isnt as persistent as GF. you know its been rough since the beginning with her, sh just doesnt understand that she built a barrier between us to connect like we should because shes so afraid that she will lose out in this whole process. i cant tell her enough that shes not being left behind. you know after a certain amount of giving its only fair i give myself. There are alot of kinks that need to be worked out. i know its not fair for them to keep begging me to stay. i know boyfriend truly doesnt want to lose me, girlfriend on the other hand idk so much. i mean maybe shes just not giving up on me because she knows boyfriend will leave, i mean she barely tries to initiate with me shes opened up more now but i mean i feel like shes still closed in. i havent heard from her at all today no text no calls. BF called me, and still no word from her. its like are you really in this because you want me here or am i starting to see it all over again the im just in this cus this is what BF wants. i honestly think she sees me like more of a friend. but she will never admit that. i will most likely get a text from her later today when i get home because she will know that me and boyfriend are home alone. its just so weird but i cant say im right because evidently i dont have proof that this is why she is bearing with me, all i have is her word. ill come back on later and tell you what happens when i get home. so far all iknow is that boyfriend is going to try his best to not leave me stranded in emotion island and to partake in showing that he still cares. ttyl guys!!!
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