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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Now I have a visual of a guy walking around with a fridge on his head, and anvils and grand pianos are falling on him as well. He's thinking, "Why didn't I just stay in bed this morning?"
As he falls into an open manhole...

ANYhoo, as for resolving arguments, my partner is excellent about letting me vent if I need to, but encouraging me to talk with my metamour. We had a particularly dicey time where we had both hurt each other very much, and the poor guy heard it from both ends and just let us work it out. He has rarely ever vented about his OSO to me, however - only in very general terms about things that happened, and with caveats about how she was feeling at the time and all that, so he tries very much to not let his feelings at the moment pollute anyone else's feelings about the other.

Although sometimes I'm sure he'd like to crawl into one of those Acme Holes [tm] and just fold it up behind him...

(Why does this thread now leave me with Wile E Coyote on the brain?)
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