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Busy few days. Had a flat inspection at our place, so had to tidy for that. Ocean and I took the opportunity to do a rearrange of the place, and it's feeling more joyful. Decided to make the futon into a permanent couch, and swap rooms... I love the vitality of mixing things up a little The apartment isn't that big, but how we've got it set up now makes it feel larger, woo!

Last couple of days I also helped Grotto and his flatmate move, from a spot on the 22nd floor of one high-rise to a 21st-storey apartment in a building a few blocks away. It was quite a mission as there was a narrow window allowed for us to use the lift to move furniture into the new place. When I left this morning, it was almost all done. Just a few bits and pieces to be cleared out of the old place, and cleaning. I meant to head round again this evening, but was too buggered. Once I got home from work, I crashed out. No matter: I recently heard from Grotto that they've all finished up. Great. Apparently Bijou had gone round to give them a hand, too. Yay for the power of multiple people

Menrva's sick at the moment. Ocean spent some time with her today, and while I empathise with her being sick, I'm nervous I'll catch the cold too. It's more I really don't want to be down with anything right now, I'm enjoying being well so much, and would like to have a happening final fortnight in the city before I leave mid-month. Maybe I should dose up on something fortifying as a preventative.

I've found infections to be one of the perils of poly; the germs definitely do the rounds. Though, I've been known to be quite the Typhoid Mary in the past So, we'll see!

Seems Ocean is going to stay in the current apartment. It's on the pricier side of what we can afford, but it's a happy place for him. It'll definitely be warm in winter (and he tends to get sad(d) in the cold) so it may be worth it overall. I've written an e-mail to the agent see about a rent reduction, but we're not counting on it. Has anyone in the history of tenancies ever successfully negotiated a rent decrease?! Maybe it happens, I don't know. We thought there was no harm asking.

Grotto and his flatmate wanna take me out for dinner as a thank you for being shifting buddies. Mm, I reckon I'd like that. Can't help dreaming we'll end up having each other for dessert.

Not really, though. In my fantasy, it is wonderful. But the reality would likely be most awkward. I suppose. Mm. Only one way to find out, I guess...

Gosh I'm glad that I have friendships that have flourished despite blatant, foolhardy crushes.

At a dinner the other night with Ocean, Bert, Menrva and a bunch of other folks, I invited a friend who had been meaning to try out that particular restaurant for a while. Afterwards, Menrva had asked Ocean if this friend was someone I was seeing. Ocean had replied "no, that's one of her friends who she doesn't fuck." Ah, whoops... am I really that bad? Haha!

I've been thinking more about letting partners read my blog, and I'm leaning towards a preference for keeping this my own space. It would probably reduce any bad dissonance. For example, as I was writing above about the dinner invite from Grotto, I worried a little that he might read this and feel more obliged to follow through on it. I wouldn't want to add that pressure. Also wouldn't want to be writing things here as hints to them, even subconsciously.

On the other hand, if I am staunch against these tendencies, and ask my partners to adjust for this when reading, it could work. Anyway, there's no rush on this. I'm gonna continue with the status quo for now.

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