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thank you so much!! its means so much to me. My mother knows what she is getting into as hard as i try she has expressed that shes accepted my relationship (due to the cheating in the beginning) and that i should accept hers. I understand that but this man literally couldve killed her. it wasnt something that wasnt noticeable, if it hadnt been for my cousin stepping in the house who knows how that night couldve gone! As for BF/GF, GF seems to not be upset about anything and fine, BF is begging me to stay because last night in hopes of just pullling off the band aid he told me he wont give up on me. Its like every time i try he realizes what hes losing, yet continues the same ways and GF too. then i get stuck in the same situations, and fear ill lose my sanity. my mind already works at 100mph i dont need it to jump up to 200! i love them yes i do but i love myself and me myself and i need ALOT of alone time. I should be going to california for a week at the end of the month, so i will make sure when i go to get alot of relaxation and finally have a solid environment to make a decision based on how im feeling with no outside influences. Thank you all again your words mean alot to me. If i had not found this site i do not know where i would be right now.
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