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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
I have yet to hear of, where are all these really long term FMF Poly-fi triads hiding? I wish they would just...pipe up.....
I would venture to say that they are off living their quiet lives of happy triad lovingness. People tend to seek out internet forums when then are new to a concept or having trouble and seeking advice. Once they have stuff figured out many people turn their attention elsewhere. "Really long term FMF Poly-fi triads" would have less need to spend time talking about poly - they have figured out what works for them. (And, although our forum members would benefit from their experiences, they are not required to spend their time sharing that insight with the forums - that is their choice).

Also, it might be prudent to remember that the vast majority of poly/poly-practicing people are not even aware that exists (they may not know that the word "polyamory" exists). The members here (and other poly forums/RL meetups/etc.) represent a small sliver of the "poly" population - a self-selected sliver - i.e. internet-savvy, poly-identified people, who have chosen to seek out conversation/advice in a public forum. Your average "really long term FMF Poly-fi triad" which has been happily grooving along since the 1960s ...? Statistically speaking, they probably DO use the internet - to order organic seeds for their farm, research the latest solar panel upgrades, download Woodstock clips and pay their dues at the local co-op. (To the aging hippies in the crowd - this last part is tongue-in-cheek - I was born in the wrong decade, I'm describing my own modern-hippie dream here.)

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