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I had a hard time reading your original post for reasons me and Redpepper discussed. Everyone has given great advice and insight but I wanted to add one thing about older women.

By the time I was nineteen I had a few similarly aged sexual partners/relationships. (one at a time...I was a serial monogamist LOL) Then I had one night with a woman who was in her early forties...WOW! There was nothing as sexy as a woman who was fully confident in her sexuality, in her body and in her knowledge of what that body could do. She was very clear in what she wanted and changed my idea of what was truly sexy! I was a bit stunned actually. I have since always been attracted to older women (is it ok to say that? )

It could just be my perspective, but young men today seem to have figured out how incredibly valuable experience in more "mature" women is. Sometimes I am frustrated that men seem to loose sight of this when they get older...or perhaps they prefer women with less experience and therefore less expectations?

That's my two cents
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