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Easter was great. I spent the day with family in Scotland. Absolutely beautiful. We needed a change of scenery.

Matt and I are still adjusting to the new normal. Being home for dinner every night? Waking up together? Talking while he's in the shower and I'm sitting on the vanity? Rebuilding our bond? Establishing intimacy again? Rekindling that flame? Major perks. I am experiencing an unusual level of happiness. I am focused on what I do have instead what I might not have or may want in the future. I have a loving, supportive husband in Matt, a career that I love, and two beautiful children. I am more than happy with all of that.

Si and I have not talked. At some point we will, but it has to be in her time. All in all, the end made me humble and appreciative.

Holding tight. I'm home where I belong where there was always love waiting for me.

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