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Default Friends, foes, and food for thought.

I always look for postings that resonate with me - where I feel I have a perspective that might help a person feel supported, heard, or empathized with. I shy away from situations where I have no real life experience. I also find myself jumping in when I feel that someone is being badgered or judged by people with lots of opinions, but little in the way of practical experience.

I have a couple of real-life friends who have disastrous relationships. Listening to their issues, I can see the outcome from fifty miles away. Does this stop me from being a caring, compassionate ear to them? A support system when shit does hit the fan? Nope - it's not difficult for me to accept that we're in different places, and be a friend to them just the same. They can see things about me that I can't see, and vice versa.... And once in awhile I am genuinely surprised by how things turn out - a friend who married a man after knowing him for two months now has three children with him, a business, a home, and they are super committed and in love over a decade later. 'Splain me that!

People surprise me constantly. I say if some posts drive you barmy, skip 'em.
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