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Crappy day.

Felt terrible all day; I really hope this isn't going into pneumonia. This kind of sick makes me incredibly emotional, and I was on the verge/in tears often. Got through work without anyone noticing more than I didn't feel good though. That's a plus.

I came home and Q and I made love. It was really nice, and all I could do not to sob through the whole thing. What is wrong with me?! He was amazing, considering that his usual response to tears is to leave in frustration. He did tell me that I was impossible to deal with at that moment. I couldn't exactly argue. Ended up doing a breathing treatment and taking a nap. Woke up feeling better, but not good.

Q went to the gym with Miss M, and said he'd be back as soon as they were done. Which, of course, translated into them talking for an hour in the parking lot afterward. We've decided that they'll generally do the gym on the nights he goes to her place anyway, to save me some frustration.

Q asked how often he could go to her place. He told me he wants to be in two places at once <3 . Maybe two or three times a week? I don't know. I don't know if I'm ready for that often, but I think as I feel physically better and spend some time with them this weekend, I might feel differently.

I'm frustrated because I read/skimmed through Opening Up and asked Q to do the same, and he hasn't yet. I even highlighted/dogeared the parts that I really thought were important. I don't want to nag. I just don't want to feel like I'm doing most of the work either.

The positives:

The three of us are hanging out with friends on Friday night, and I think I'll feel better then. I haven't seen Miss M in person since before all this went down.

Q and I are communicating better than we ever have. He listens, and doesn't judge (too much!) when I'm completely irrational and emotional.

I've been keeping the conversational lines open with Miss M, and I think we're doing well too. The awkwardness is getting better.
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