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Perhaps the constantly falling and catching ourselves is why moving forward and making progress can be so nerve-wracking!

Have you thought about how many "extra" activities you schedule when Vix is gone? As parents of young children, MC and I have both had to generally accept that, unless we get a babysitter, we cannot BOTH have lives as the same time. If I'm gone to see TGIB, MC can't do much more than work and kids, and that is PLENTY! So while I think it's great and good that you and the girls took the road trip, I wonder if things like the "playing music" evening would have been better postponed til after Vix was back. Do you feel what you gained from the evening was worth the extra stress?

I'm glad you are content with the way you managed it, and I certainly agree with delegating some of it to the girls, but I'm a little concerned that you are trying to do too much, perhaps as a defense against Vix being gone? Carrying on as though everything is normal and fine? Perhaps I'm way off base, and I hope so, but I thought you might want to consider it.
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