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I'm sorry you are going through the stages of grief. Anger is just one of the many feelings you are going to process as you work through all the stages. It's ok. Don't talk down to yourself for having loved as best you can.

You did not make him choose his behavior of breaking agreements. He chose that behavior. You held him accountable to shared agreement and in the taking of account? His behavior came short. Behavior done/not done.

You are not willing to be a concurrent lover if he cannot take safer sex precaution. It is a limit. He chooses to not have to honor that limit? So be it then. You cannot be together.

You stayed true to YOU and what you value here. He just doesn't value the same things.

You are not a horrible person for having loved. It is disappointing, yes. But you are not horrible. The feelings are horrible to feel... but could let it blow on through as best you can. It will pass. The internal storm will clear in time. Take all the time you need to heal. Do your self care. Things WILL get better for you.

Hang in there.


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