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Originally Posted by Jeteo View Post
or a truly loving relationship.
More to the point, have you? If you've had a truly loving relationship with him in the past, and feel you recognize what a truly loving relationship is, I don't understand how you can continue convincing yourself that this relationship is loving. I'm not saying he doesn't love you. I'm not saying he does. I don't and can't know. But from what you've said, his BEHAVIORS are not loving. You don't feel as though you can trust him (as evidenced by not knowing if he means something he said or was "just saying it to comfort you"), you don't feel secure (some insecurity can be worked out internally. But this yo-yo behavior of his is not something YOU can change or fix), and you are not happy, though you remember when you were. He tells you he is not attracted to you and is thinking of breaking up with you. So please, even if you don't explain to US, really think about how you are justifying his treatment of you. Loving him is not enough for a relationship. Anyone whose love has ever gone unrequited can tell you that. And regardless of how much you love him, you need to love yourself just as much or more and make the choices that will be healthiest for and protect YOU.
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