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He also said that I "made him choose" between me and the person with an STI with whom he was intimate and then violated my consent, because I said that I did not want to take that risk. I didn't make him do anything, and I feel like he has been choosing her for months now. I feel like he's throwing away our relationship for something new and shiny. When we first met, he told me that he took this sort of thing very seriously because he had a lot of years and partners ahead of him, and that he wanted to be informed and cautious. And now...I don't believe him. I want to, but I don't. And feeling like he is choosing not only something new but something potentially dangerous to his health (and the health of his other partners, including me - though I suppose not anymore - is frightening.) I don't know who he is anymore. And yet I still want things to be better. This is so confusing and agonizing.
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