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Please forgive me if this sounds blunt or rude, ok? I don't not mean it that way. I just don't know how to say it delicately.

But do you think you are dealing with him going mentally ill or what?

This extreme behavior stuff is alarming. He says one thing one minute, then does contradicting behavior... then he's back on another thing... sounds bipolar wacky to me. I'm no doctor. Could be something else. But something weird there. If you think that is what you have on your hands? I repeat my previous advice.

Ignore him for a bit. Get YOURSELF into a healthier head space first. Then determine the next choice that is on YOUR plate:
  • If you need to deal with some serious health care actions, prepare. If he won't go get checked out voluntarily, you may have to look into your involuntary commitment options. ASK him to get checked out voluntarily. If he will not? Then be prepared for the next step.
  • If you are just done here with loopy, and don't have it in your to deal in mental illness rollercoaster... BE done and walk away. Alert his next of kin and save yourself. Love him from a safer distance so you are not in the line of fire if he's bent on self destruction.

Don't bother asking WHY. Like WHY does he want to have a slave farm and be a master when he can't even take care of one husband properly?

Asking "why" in this case could be like asking a blind person why they cannot see. Or asking a deaf person why they cannot hear. It just IS, dude. There is no why. Could not ask an untreated mentally unstable person why they say/do mentally unstable seeming kinds of things. It just is.

Rather than ask why? Get him to healthcare and/or get you out of harm's way.

This is hard. I know change is hard and contemplating life without him is hard and unfun. Contemplating life as a caregiver with an unstable patient person... that's hard and unfun too.

But that's not a reason for YOU to stay in harm's way stuck, along for the ride. From fear of a future without him.

Could get a bit more assertive. Could deal with what is on your plate in constructive ways. Could do the job in front of you. Could keep your OWN oxygen mask on first and maintain your healthy boundaries.

Then.... could pick your hard.


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