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Question Unsure of how to move forward

Hi all,

So, my husband has the desire for a triad, in that he has a new lover whom shows a desire to join us. It has shed light on a lot of personal insecurity suppressed within me, and also on the connection that I have with my husband, that has changed a lot over the years, with post natal depression being a big contributor to this. I have taken space for myself to rediscover who I am, with the realisation that our connection (my husband and I) is what it is right now and that I do not want to leave him, but am just at a time in my life where I need to take time to feel better about myself. His connection with her is evidently new and exciting and I'm not really sure how to define boundaries. Should I just leave them at it? I don't feel as though I have much to offer the dynamic, although it would be nice to form a connection with his lover, even though there is a lot of jealousy coming through for me (for the first time in our relationship). Our experience with polyamory is fairly limited, and I find myself wondering how polyamory works when there are issues with the marriage connection. Any concerns I share with my husband are seen as problems, and he just gets frustrated with me, and then I find myself comparing our connection to the connection he has with her, and generally feeling pretty crap about myself. I identify as polyamorous, and do not want my marriage to be over, and just wondering if others have experienced similar situations, and how they moved through them.
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