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U saying triads doesn't work was not what I wanted to hear. I came here for support and that was the last thing I needed to hear. So please if u are not going to be suppostive and just tell me how I'm horrible and triads don't work
I did not set out to hurt you, in fact I made sure to say I was actually toning it down for you and I hoped to help you see it from another point of view, but please, how am 'I' to know 'what you want to hear'? Am I a mind reader? Did you put in your OP, 'I only want to hear comments that make me feel happy and validated?' No, you didn't., And I think it is incredibly passive aggressive to then come back and say 'I did not like what you have to say, it is not supportive enough so don't bother!' You can't DO that and neither can you infer that I called you horrible, which I did not at any point do.
In my experience, triads are short lived and probably much more full of drama than most people can tolerate post NRE. Some last for a few years though and it is important for people to enjoy the relationships they have as individuals and not get so stuck into everything staying the same. Yes you need to hear it, you may not want to, but you need to.

And I wonder where amongst the two months you have been together, getting intimate once, sickness, long distance and familial responsibilities, you found the time to discuss moving in together? Do you understand at all why anyone would find that a little alarming?

So instead of indignation why not take responsibility for the situation you presented?

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