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Originally Posted by franchescasc View Post
lots of talking with LT about how she's reacted to this whole thing. She is making efforts, asking questions about how MD is and such. I am still hurt by the whole reaction, but her efforts do comfort me and give me hope that our friendship will survive.
You've handled all of this with super human levels of patience. If someone lights me up about how my life decisions are empirically "wrong", their classification is no longer friend, until further notice.

My own standards of a respectful friendship aside, the degree to which you two can be intimate seems to be determined by her at this point. So, if she chooses to freak out every time you talk to her about an integral part of your life then she is choosing to limit the depth of your relationship as a direct relationship. I'm sure she doesn't look at it that way, but it's still a fact. It's a shame when it happens and my feelings would be really hurt (and I'd be surprised as hell) if one of my close friends decided they hated my life so much that they couldn't even bear to hear about it, but it's still their decision.
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