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It really hurts me that you had to put that out there. But I hope others who passed judgement are able to understand now. When we first found out and Karma was so angry I told him that sometimes suicide is the only way to kill the demons and while that hurts the living, we have to move forward knowing someone we love is no longer in that constant pain and constantly fighting those demons. Yes it hurts the living, but sometimes it's the only path available.

Regardless of his choice or what part anyone played, you are here now and you need to live your life.

AnnabelMore-Your approach was more of what I was expecting. When Karma and I first joined here, that was the approach I received from many people here. We are reading text sometimes we need some clarification. Thank you for your approach.

Pixi-I hope this all ends now and you can continue here under less stressful conditions and get the type of experience we got. And regardless of anyone else's opinion, I'm glad that we've gotten to know each other and I'm glad you're with my husband. I can honestly say that out of his girlfriends, you're the one I have most enjoyed getting to know. Because the raw honesty is there and you don't hide behind a mask. You are who you are with no apologies and that is something I deeply respect.
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