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First I wanna say thank u all for ur responses. I was however very taken back by the first one. As if I wasnt depressed as it was that response made me feel more horrible about my self than ever. Let me clarify some things. I am not in control of anyone sex life. It was moreof being comfortable with it than anything. This is very new to us and for you to say the things you said was extremely hurtful to me. U saying triads doesn't work was not what I wanted to hear. I came here for support and that was the last thing I needed to hear. So please if u are not going to be suppostive and just tell me how I'm horrible and triads don't work. Then please do not comment on my posts. As far as our triad goes we are OK. We talked it through and we r ok. I want to clarify that our relationship is not all about sex. In fact we have only had "fun" with her once. Between us being out of town, all of is being sick, and the girls TOM it really hasn't happened. Which is OK. I just don't want people to think that's what it is. Am I insecure of my marriage? I don't think I am otherwise I wouldn't be OK with being in a poly relationship. I think it was more of a comfort Issue. I needed to feel comfortable them being alone and having sex. And I am OK with it. Just took me a bit to be ok with it. A lot of this was a communication issue. She let things bottle up till she couldn't take it anymore. She jumped to breaking it off before we talked through it. But that's exactly what we did. Talked through it. Now she knows how how I feel and most important I know how she feels. I couldn't be happier that I didn't loose her over this. In love her very much and was heart broken last night. But very happy that we are still together me and her went and had lunch together and it felt so good to be with her again. Its hard to that we live alittle far from each other. So when we get to see her we cherish every moment we get. Thank u again for your advice and look forward to continuing this awesome relationship with. My husband and awesome partner. I love u both very much
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