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Life is better. Marriage counseling was great for getting communication started. I continue to work on me issues with the counselor. Additional, life has taken an unexpected turn. Although my wife still feels poly, she has not been actively seeking a partner as our relationship is more satisfying than it used to be for her. I think this could be a red flag of sorts, and will just keep communication going.

So, the unexpected twist? Another girl and I have been talking about `so, what's this open relationship business'. Turns out she was crushed when I got married, and we're both excited to hang out and see what develops between us. Additionally, I'm excited to introduce her to my wife and see how the three of us get along.

This is not how I saw life progressing. I figured I'd have a lot of personal development going on, addressing co-dependent, self image, and anxiety issues while my wife explored dating, etc. This new direction is exciting. However, it's also scary. Note the red flag above. Was my wife acting out her dissatisfaction with our relationship and started our journey in this direction for the wrong reasons? There's a lot more discussions to have before getting too much deeper. This may sound bad, but it's nice feeling like I'm in control of the pace. Things were developing way to fast for me before.
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