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Note:" The threads on the Blog board receive special treatment. Each thread is the personal blog of the user who started it. The blogs are *not* threads where open debate and criticism is expected. Think of the blogs as protected space, wherein the blog author can disallow any discussion posts that he or she doesn't like from others. Respect the blogs as protected space."

Without making a comment on the content of this blog, I did just want to note that my understanding was that this section of the site was to be handled differently than the other discussion sections. I was under the impression that anything posted in the Advice/Discussion areas was fair game for the general public to comment on as they see fit, but that within the Blog section the OP could expect a significantly higher amount of leeway in expressing themselves without being judged, attacked, or labeled.

Perhaps my impression was in error, but I am surprised to see this level of hostility allowed in the comments here, regardless of the subject matter. Perhaps it is the OP's task to police their own blog space and request offending comments be removed, but that then negates the instruction to commenters to "Respect the blogs as protected space." To me, that instruction means the people replying are expected to police themselves.
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